I have thought about this very often, why is it that a few people touch your heart the instant they come in contact with you. I met Rahul Uncle again today and felt the same instant warmth. Then I was thinking about the speech that I gave to my team a few days back and I think I know the answer. Let me explain that here.

We have things in our life that we give attention to…and then there are actions that we take everyday…I find whenever the actions match the attentions…there is a certain spiritual stability in the person. This person will exude a certain confidence ‘tej’ and is usually happy with himself…this contentment also makes him fearless and bold. This is the heart person. Irrespective of what this person does, weather he is a politician or a industrialist, young or old..he will always connect with people.

I believe Rahul uncle is one such person. He speaks his mind. He is serious when he tells u some thing in a joke and he is full of questions like a small kid..I forget he is my client, I forget he is such a known personality, he is always bubbling with enthusiasm and ideas…truly inspiring to be with him.