What am I like?
I am very approachable and very transparent. I say what i think is right. I am not very successful at being diplomatic. I believe i get paid for being honest. My ideas are valuable.

My clients mostly quote me when they have to convince someone of the idea.

Students always tell me how surprised they are at how approachable i am. I am connected, I am on facebook and twitter.

I can not stand people who don’t  answer calls and e mails. I always do.

I try to be nice, and I always make work seem simple and fun.

I work only if i enjoy it. I work only if I like people working on the project.


What I like?
I read a lot. I like reading magazines and newspapers. I love watching movies.

I like traveling, meeting people and seeing places.

I love humor. I think people with a sense of humor are rare but impossible to ignore.

I like lazing. I like to spend time in bed catching up with movies and reading. I read many things at the same time.

I also like eating. My favorite is spicy north indian food, but I love asian cuisine. I am open to experiment with food. I also like cooking. I do test my guests sometimes by cooking for them.

When I am in a new place I like walking and taking pictures.

Luxury fascinates me, but I am comfortable in any situation.


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