Recounting of inspiring events with MP Ranjan by many of us

Book proposal

This is an anthology of memoirs from people who came in contact with him. Memoir: Fact or fiction?
Obviously, a memoir should be true. You should not alter the truth in telling his story. In fact, make it as truthful as possible. Memories are faulty / subjective, so a little leeway is given to you as authors of
memoirs, but it is expected to be honest and do check their facts for accuracy. Creating fiction and passing it off as nonfiction will be completely unacceptable.

Writing techniques:
First person from your point of view. It is narrative nonfiction written in story form like fiction. Dialogue can be included, but since few people can remember precisely every word spoken, the dialogue is not
literally true. You should “think small” and make a series of “reducing decisions”, your article can have a particular theme or focus. It need not contain everything from this particular slice of our life, but rather,
selected events, examined for meaning relative to your experience of MP Ranjan. You should question what happened and come to some kind of new understanding or lesson learned by your time with MPR. You show readers how you were affected by this experience, how it has profoundly changed the way you sees the world. And by extension, reading the book will change the way the reader sees the world.

I am referring to each of you as author of this book.

1. Memoir: This is the main article that you write. It could be anything from 2000 words to 5000 words. If you want to write more do consult me before. It needs to be a well thought and laid out article, do not worry much about language, i will have editorial help. But the structuring of thoughts is yours and content of course needs to be beyond what you have been reading on Facebook.

2. Do include pictures, drawings, illustrations and any visual aid you may have from that time or now. Remember we shall publish this as a book so resolution will matter.

3. A brief write up about you will be needed to introduce your particular perspective. Do a 100 word write up on your self and divide this in two parts.

4. Include pictures / visuals of your self.

The Book
Expected to be a hardbound, small book to be gifted or may be sold at a nominal price at online stores. Not expected to be money making project, the book would conform to highest standards of book publishing prevalent in the country today.

Copyrights and titles
Each author retains copyrights over the writing and visuals they provide. However the writings need to be original, unpublished and un-shared before.

Indi design* would be taking all costs towards publishing of the book, any contributions and sharing is welcome but not mandatory. Indi may raise funds and support from 3rd parties to make this project happen.

Design and Approvals
All design, edits and publishing will be responsibility of Indi Design*. Design, layouts will be shared with authors prior to printing. Their approval will be sought. However, final word on these counts remains with Indi Design*.

9th November is MP Ranjans Birthday. We can work with this deadline in 2017. Accordingly schedules will be worked out.

Indi Design*
Indi Design is the design company of Sudhir Sharma who is one of the Authors of this book. Indi Design is the Publisher of the proposed book with rights to promote, publish, translate, republish granted by the authors.

Sudhir Sharma