Pauline Dorsey a Student of “The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art
Georgia Southern University” US, did her internship with My studio in Pune ( during June and July 2012. This is the first time she was in India. I requested her to write something for our company blog.. she wrote this and decided to share it on my blog it here, I hope you enjoy it 🙂
Sudhir with Pauline

Sudhir with Pauline, Kardelene and Pradeep at Indi DEsign Studio in Pune

Pauline in India during her Internship at Indi Design
Pauline in India during her Internship at Indi Design

It all starts with breakfast. “Breakfast, Ms. Pauline?” What a nice question. During my internship at INDI Design, if you arrived at the office early enough, you could have breakfast. I liked this because it was very plain. And plain means safe for the stomach. And there was always Kissan ketchup. A day at work in INDI was surprisingly inspiring and fun. Present are all the key players to tackle any project, from publications to interior designs. Not to mention the constant strive to break convention and make something new that’s more appropriate with current times. The fun part was watching the designers work together to create something amazing. I saw a project start as an idea, then a design, then a 3D design, and then to an entire story line and brand.

Experiencing a little of what designing could be like after school was very inspiring. Honestly, I was a bit scared at first. I had no idea what to expect. Granted, not all offices are the same, this one showed me how fun and rewarding design can be. Where creativity is more than welcomed and discussion is encouraged to make the design its best. India has a very rich culture. It is rich in color, food, dance and community. I think this plays a huge role in the personality of the design group at INDI. I’m very glad to have experienced the perspective of design from the Indian standpoint. Design in India is like its culture. It’s bold, bright, and innovative. I think it’s a good thing to step outside of what you are familiar with, and then you can grow as a designer and as a person.

Thank you Sudhir and the team at INDI for teaching me about design and for refining my skills. And thank you for the abundance of ketchup at breakfast.