What i do?

What i do?
I do many things. Mostly things you attach the tags of Creative, Design, Innovation and Strategy to.

I am a Brand Consultant and a Designer.

I founded Elephant Design and was a Director and COO.

I find it very exciting to help businesses become active brands.

I like helping transforming businesses and companies into very active and respected brands.


What i enjoy?
I am fascinated with the opportunities that exist in every business, all we need to do is critically look at Customers, Markets, manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, HR, Development processes etc. I have not come across any company that has not benefitted from these audits that i do.

This process of Design and Innovation can be used for any Industry domain, banking, retail, pharmaceuticals, IT, logistics, distribution.. etc etc.. Even better is the fact that same can be used for social impact projects.

I believe social impact is not a domain for the designer but a way of practice. whatever i do impacts life and society. I need to be aware of my responsibility and internalize this fact.

I love working on complex and large projects. specially projects that would need everything in an organisation to transform. I can organise teams accordingly.


What  i like?
I like teaching. i visit quite a few Design, Art and Business Schools for lectures and courses.

I speak at many conferences. I like traveling and meeting people. You should see my photo site www.sudelephant.smugmug.com

Recently i have started writing. I write on the Designindia Yahoo e group that i founded in 2002.


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