What I do?

What I do?
I am a Brand Consultant and a Designer. And I do many things. Mostly things you attach with tags of Creative, Design, Innovation, and Strategy. I run a design company based in Pune, called “IndiDesign.” I publish a magazine called “DesignIndia” (earlier known as POOL Magazine.) I host design awards called “India’s Best Design Awards”, I also host an event called “The DesignIndia Show.”

I teach at various Colleges and Universities. I lecture and run workshops on innovation and creativity. My favourite workshop is  on Clarity of Brands. I am a designated “Professor of Practice” at Ajeenkya DY Patil University. I am on the board of a few Design schools. I have been a member of “India Design Council” twice. I am a regular juror at many of the best known design awards globally. I am also on the board of WIDC, China.

I find it very exciting to help businesses become active brands. I like helping in transitioning businesses into active and respected brands.

I work as a Brand Consultant; Creating Business and Digital Strategies for companies. Some of the brands which I have worked on are household names today.

What I enjoy?
I enjoy creating new systems, processes, and methods to solve specific issues for design projects. I enjoy bringing clarity to problems and then break them into systematic modules so it becomes easier to solve them. I enjoy good conversations and I also like to travel.

What I like?
I like teaching, writing, travelling, and driving. I teach at many universities and colleges. I write for my magazine “DesignIndia,” I have been a juror for many Automobile Awards with the benefit of getting to drive the latest models and variants being introduced in India. I have travelled widely for lectures and for work.


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