We are calling this the final issue. Yes, this is the last issue of DesignIndia Magazine that you will hold in your hands – 144 issues since it was launched as Pool Magazine 12 years ago. This is a special issue because this is the first time we have interviews and views of the people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you the magazine month after month.

When I started the magazine in 2010, I strongly felt we needed it. There was a vacuum that needed to be filled. Indian Design required a magazine of its own; the profession needed to make its own heroes, and newcomers and students needed something tangible to inspire their design journey…

Soon after the magazine was launched, the media landscape and how content was generated and consumed began to change. Print publications were not the preferred way of consuming content anymore. Despite this scenario, Pool/DesignIndia built up its followers and email list slowly and steadily. We managed to create a good reputation and a great brand. Change, however, is inevitable and I took the difficult decision to cease publishing the magazine for a few reasons:

1. There’s no way to monetize the magazine: Traditionally, this medium has been monetized through advertising. I never liked the idea of doing that for many reasons. We experimented with various forms of monetizing, but nothing really worked. IndiDesign (our design consultancy) has funded the magazine in its entirety.

2. Magazines are not read anymore: This is sad but true now, though it may not be accurate for books, which still have loyal readers. Magazines are episodic and digital media gives enough serial content in more dazzling ways.

3. Designers no longer need a magazine to be known: Designers get followers and business via social media now, and having their work appear in print does not have the same cachet anymore. An article even in a reputed publication does not bring the validation that a burgeoning number of likes on social media does.

4. It’s time for reformatting: We are going to experiment with a completely new format – moving from magazine to cafe! This is going to be my focus now. DesignIndia Cafe will bring design to everyone on the road much more actively, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Enjoy this final issue with stories from our team – some talented designers, others staunch backend supporters who looked after all the other aspects of bringing out a magazine. It’s a poignant moment for us all as we relive 12 years. It’s been a beautiful journey. We couldn’t have designed it any better!

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