At the newly launched TeAmo, Aurangabad

It’s not a secret that everyone makes new year resolutions and also that no one sticks to them! Tons of advice is available on how to make resolutions and how to achieve them: be clear in your objectives, schedule them, break them into tasks, look for marginal improvements, etc. Sounds a lot like a design project, doesn’t it?

How about putting a simple UX process in place for your new year resolution? After all, we are designers and should be able to break into this with our design thinking abilities. This sounds very good so far, and I am sure a lot of friends will bring the sketch pens out and get to work. But, let’s make it interesting…let’s have a really specific resolution, such as losing 15 kg of weight. (Research shows losing weight is the most common new year resolution among people over 30 years of age.) Even better would be to create a poster of this process and put it up as a reminder.

Here is my sketch…can you mail me yours? I shall put all the resolutions up on So, let’s have your NY resolution UX and we can track it together through the year.

Meanwhile, yet another happy new year. 🙂

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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