With Kieu Pham at a client meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam

Every person we see as successful must have a formula for success, and if that formula were revealed, all of us could be successful. All writers, editors, artists, designers, film makers and actors are successful. Cricket players too. There are tons of formulae floating around for sure. It is surprising that with such easy access to knowledge and formulae, so many
of us do not become successful.

Perhaps this has to do with how you define success. For some, success is about having a lot of money; for others it is about money+ fame, and then a combination of money+fame+happiness. For still others, it could also mean something completely different. I define success as being content, knowing you have enough of what you want. It works very well, because you can control your wants and define your success. It’s not as easy as it sounds of course, but you do have to give up comparisons. You have to focus on yourself and realize that you are already successful. Being successful brings a glow to your face that gives out very positive energy to the world. Being content and happy does the same.

Learn to enjoy whatever you have in hand. Learn to handle the smallest of projects in prize winning ways. Believe designers who tell you that it is possible to create an award winning project in your head before you lift a finger. Because that’s where success lives. In your head.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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