INDI Design team at India’s Best Design Awards ceremony 2017

Let’s face it – design studios are facing difficult times and there are far too many designers looking for jobs in the market. Combine that with the number of students looking for projects and internships and you understand the frustration of young designers. In times like these, what should you do to get a job? Here are three practical tips:

1. Meet offline: Companies view email applications for jobs as spam. They receive them by the dozens and do not bother to look at most. Perhaps the best bet is to visit the design company and personally meet the creative director or the owner. Try and get an appointment or just land up with the intention that you will keep turning up to meet them till you get the job. Do this with a few design companies.

2. Use social media: Mark a few design studios, follow their work, network with other people in design studios and keep in touch with them. When they are ready to announce their requirements, you will be the first to hear of them!

3. Go beyond design: Design companies will not be able to pass up a candidate who is ready to multitask. Spend time getting familiar with business software, and writing proposals or other peripheral activities that design studios may find useful.

These tips assume that you have good skills and a professional grade portfolio ready. Rejection does not mean that you are not qualified. Trust your skills and thinking. Believe me, a few rejections will only do you good. All the best..

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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