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This is the third year POOL Magazine is hosting India’s Best Design Studio Awards and already it is a very different type of event, distinct from any other award program in many ways.

It is the only Award that celebrates Design Studios; the process includes organizational and financial audits. From this year we are also recognizing the diversity within each domain, and we may have more than one winner in each category of studios.

We also decided to extend the same rigor to individual projects; the idea was to collect and present to the audience the best design projects done recently in each domain. As the winning entries prove, the projects have been judged on their own merit, and not against each other. This is one award that does away with categories altogether. Each winner is India’s Best Design
Project by itself.

We are thankful to our Jury and our sponsors who help us keep the bar up, but bigger thanks go to the participants who have put their faith and trust in the awards. Cheers to the great design community worldwide, and thank you all for cheering us on!

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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