Sudhir at the historic Sofiyska Square in Kiev

I often marvel at smart, efficient and working solutions. You see them all over. So many times when I am traveling I stop and marvel at some details, beautiful carvings, elaborately colored furniture, hand painted cafe graphics…this is where art and design become one for me. A very useful, needed, working solution is always beautiful; a very good looking piece of art is not always so.

That’s how I define the beauty of design; it is the purposefulness, the objective of a piece that distinguishes it, and makes it very contextual. Someone who works with specialist tools sees beauty in that one piece that most of us will miss. Design or art are not universal in that sense; they are contextual and time sensitive. That’s what makes installations and performances so powerful…context and time matters.

Perhaps we should all stop and take a second look at what we are working on. Ask yourself if it is timely. Does someone need this? Does it, in fact, have a purpose beyond satisfying your own creative urges?

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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