Sudhir with Jet d’Eau fountain at lake Geneva, Switzerland

To be a happy and content designer, one should cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good project that comes to you, and to continuously think of its benefits. Designers are always surrounded by stress-inducing problems that they are trying to solve; gratitude can be a huge stress buster for them. Here are six habits that could help designers cultivate gratitude on a daily basis.

Create a journal/blog of your learnings and positive outcomes from every project. Keeping a gratitude journal can reinforce positive thoughts. Credit people/things/processes/writers who have helped even in small measure. However, don’t avoid the negative. Remember, your former challenges can be your strength in coming times.

Connect with other designers
Gratitude is the emotion of friendship. Meet your peers, share your work, listen to them and their stories. Talk about your inspirations. Thank your team often. Recognise the value of your team.

Use social media
Inspiring pictures and messages on social media can be very powerful. Use them and share them to get closer to your community.
Interact with other inspired professionals.

Value small projects
Engage often in small projects that take a few days and offer quick results; do them even if they are not as profitable. They provoke feel-good feelings and bring teams together.

Everyone needs help in getting things done; designers can offer help in many ways. You will create a positive design karma cycle. Use your talent to solve non-design problems.

Traveling changes perspectives. Observe nature, cultures and different processes. Travel has been proven to clear your mind and reduce stress, both key components in setting yourself up for gratitude.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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