Sudhir at Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace at Seoul, South Korea. Photo credit: Ira Sharma

‘Seven’ pops up in so many fairy tales, religious stories and folklore. We have seven skies, seven seas, seven climes,
seven days in a week, seven dwarves, and seven sins. Becoming seven years old is considered a turning point in a child’s development. And then there is the seven-year itch in marriage! There is a certain cyclicality about the number seven; it seems to be of great sociological significance.

In Catholic theology seven is considered near perfection. In Hinduism, seven is recognized as a spiritual and sacred
number. ‘Sapta’ in Sanskrit, is an abstraction of many divine concepts and philosophies: sapta-swaras (music), Sapta Puri
(seven holy cities), Sapta Dweepa (seven islands), saptanadi, sapta lokas, saptarishi, saptadhatu… the more I look, the more
I find important things associated with seven.

And now Pool is seven years old…84 issues! Not a new design magazine anymore, it has matured, settled into its editorial stance, and has a certain maturity to its visual language. Of some repute, the magazine has influenced and educated a generation of designers in these seven years. It is a good milestone to be at.

But seven seems incomplete; it looks like there is some more distance to go, we at Pool are excited and looking forward to the coming times. We often stop and imagine how they will be… will design take center stage in our life; will our government finally understand the impact design has on lifestyle; will designers grow up and take their social responsibilities; will professionals band together to create a spark; will designers become more important?
Looking forward to the next seven years!

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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