Sudhir with other jurors on track in Coimbatore for Evo/Fastbikes powered times auto awards

We all remember things, experiences and opinions…which is very good. We also form impressions or ideas about our future experiences based on earlier experiences, which is also good. We have another huge power of forming impressions about a future experience, not by direct past experience but by computing some unknown codes about related or non-related experiences in the past. We could call this ‘intuition’, but most often, it is a ‘preconception’. To have an impression of something before you have contact with the actual experience is a very dangerous thing for designers. This is what we call the ‘baggage’ or ‘burden’, and it can be a big roadblock to new ideas, new experiments and new thinking. It is usual for clients to have preconceived ideas about the outcome of a project. That is why when we start each project we need to ‘unburden’ the client – take the preconceptions away, so they are open to accepting new ideas. Designers themselves need to unlearn often. This is one way to be fresh and open. Design Thinking offers tools that can help to unburden clients by making them experience needs from a different perspective. We have many simple tools that help the process of unlearning. Let’s explore them.
Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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