Sudhir at Geneva Motor Show

It’s a fact that a lot of companies are exploiting big data to market their products and services. Not only is this annoying people, it is also opening up legitimate issues of privacy and security of data. A lot of people are turning off from sharing information as it is eventually being used to bombard them with spam. Companies have been shamelessly using big data to sell more.

There is a big difference between using big data for designing and planning better futures and products and using big data to increase sales. Very few companies are focusing on using big data to develop new physical environments, products and services. Big data is a very exciting field for designers; it provides insights and usage patterns that can convert company offerings.

However, it also confuses designers, since most of it at the moment is related to sales. Designers can use big data to focus on the following:
1. Improving coordination and links
2. Improving the digitization process
3. Developing new design

Big data is mostly about consumers – try and make it about users. I see huge potential for design impact here.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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