Sudhir in Hanoi, Vietnam with delegates of the Vietnam India Design Education Talk 2017 organized by Haki Education Network

Most of us in India live and grow up with constraints. I would say most of us in Asia grow up in a household, society and country with multiple constraints – not just physical and economic but social, cultural and religious as well. This creates a foundation for all our creative expressions, our crafts, our jugaad… it is the basis of starting any design work. But, it also creates a vacuum.

Most Asian designers (and I say this based on my exposure to China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore – Japan is an exception that I can explain) feel lost when expected to start work on a project that has no brief (or constraints). We excel in subjective design to do with culture, humans, people, interfaces, and services.

We lack the skills for objective design of systems, processes, mechanisms. In my view this explains the major difference between
the Eastern and Western philosophies of Design. It is a cultural difference as well.
Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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