Sudhir was a juror on the inaugural Design jury of Cannes Lions 2008

No matter how young you are or how small your design practice, you can always vie for a design award. There are many different kinds of design awards, from local to national and international; some are very specific awards, while others are very inclusive. 

Deciding which awards to send entries for can be challenging. It is crucial to consider the time, effort, and entry fee needed to weigh against the gains. 

And here is a secret – you don’t have to win an award to gain. There are many benefits of just sending an entry. In times like these, when resources are stretched, vying for awards may not be your top priority; here are five reasons why simply making an attempt could be good for your business and reputation. 

Better Visibility: Apart from all entries being viewed by the Jury, they also come to the attention of DesignIndia’s editorial staff; they mark designers, studios, and projects that can be featured in future issues of the magazine. While winners get featured in a special issue, and on the website, all other entries stand a very good chance of being included in other issues of Designindia. 

Benchmarking: The entry process makes you notice and benchmark earlier winners. You learn how to present your project to the Jury. You can make sure you highlight innovation, originality, and impact along with the design process. This will help you in business much more than winning any award. 

Marketing: While winning an award gives you a competitive edge in the market, sending entries for awards helps you prepare very brief case studies that can be used on your website and in your presentations. 

Motivation: Your staff and team always get motivated when their projects are selected as entries for an award. Entries bring teams together while everyone learns what kind of projects get entered. 

Attracting Talent: By pitching yourself as the best, you attract the best available talent. Increased employee morale will also help attract and retain recruits. 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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