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Logos have become an essential tool of business. You absolutely need to nail branding upfront for any business or venture to make a lasting impression on the customers you want to attract. While there is a lot of information on what the logo should be, here is my list of things you should avoid when making a brief for, or designing a logo: 

Don’t be complex 

Look around. Most well-known logos are simple – easy to remember and easy to recall. They are also easy to print and put on social media in any size. There is a reason for this; simple forms are easy to remember and associate with a business. A logo should be like an easy name for the eye. 

Don’t copy 

Not just don’t copy, do not try to make it look like another logo as well. If you do that, every time someone sees your logo, you are promoting the other brand. Getting inspired from other symbols is fine, but copying forms, fonts, and even colors or styles is a big don’t. This brings us to another issue – while an absolutely original logo will feel unfamiliar to start with, with time, it will become familiar and known. Don’t look for a shortcut to familiarity. 

Don’t change much 

If you are changing from an earlier logo to a new one, try and retain some synergy with the previous logo. The change will signal freshness, and familiarity will continue the heritage and lineage of the brand. 

Don’t be literal 

This is difficult for many people to grasp. The logo should be abstract, something that should become the identification of your business. It should not communicate with the company in direct terms. It is an identification tool and not a communication tool. If it is too literal, it will get outdated very soon. Remember, both your business and communication trends are likely to change over time. 

A logo needs help and resources to become familiar. Once it becomes routine, it is perhaps the most unique and efficient brand asset that you will own for a long time. 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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