With 2021 Calendar Picchavai from Subrata Bhowmick Design

What do designers do at the strategy level of the design ladder (refer to my last note)? How do they bring value that goes beyond product or service? Most experienced designers often reimagine businesses. They reimagine the products, distribution, monetizing systems, and manufacturing methods to communicate a new value to a future audience. This is what I call looking around the corner. They do this by the very nature of living in a future time all the time. This method of thinking can be channeled further to create businesses of the future.

Designers can absorb information and data about a current scenario and suggest tweaks or changes to the market, technology, usage, and geography, and ways to transform an organization into an imagined business in the future. In fact, they can take an existing idea of a traditional business and transform it into an imagined business. A reimagined business model uses traditional business and technology solutions to create value that hasn’t been possible so far in terms of reach and convenience.

Senior designers need to untangle confusing/abstract business information, clarify objectives, and create a new business model keeping the core of a business intact. I call this the ‘Imagine Business Model’ (IBM). Today, most platform businesses are using the Imagine Business Model, and you will find designers in the lead. Most traditional manufacturing/service and trading businesses also have the potential to transform into an imagine business by using design thinking and technology.

I am thinking more about this, and will be happy to share my insights and see how we can take this ahead together.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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