With the MDes Class and Dr. Nanki Nath at NID, Ahmedabad

Though goals and objectives are related, they are not the same thing. We often use these terms interchangeably in our projects and life. 

Goals are long-term achievements; they are future-focused and aimed at giving a direction. They don’t usually come with steps to reach there or measure them. For example, one may want ‘to be the best designer in India’. Now that’s a goal; it doesn’t say how will you become the best designer or how will you know when you become one. 

Objectives are specific achievements. They have timelines and are measurable. For the above goal, an objective could be ‘to win India’s Best Design Studio Award this year’. 

You can always break goals into many achievable objectives. 

Goal: ‘I want to own my own studio with a national reputation for great work.’ Now this goal is obviously is long-term, it is future-focused, and doesn’t come with specific steps for setting up your studio and building your reputation. 

Objective: ‘I am going to join an entrepreneur workshop to learn about setting up a studio business in May this year, and make a list of ten publications in which I will publish my work within one year.’ 

Knowing the difference between goals and objectives will help you develop achievable goals. 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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