With award winners from the graduating batch of 2015, at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune

Winning awards does many things for you: 

Validation: Awards validate that your work is good, and that acts as a confidence booster for you and your team. 

Credibility: Since awards are given by a third party, which has its own reputation (like Pool Magazine for Designers), this validation becomes more credible. It is not that you are praising your own work, it is Pool Magazine saying your work is good. 

Brand: This credibility helps to build your brand. It’s not the same as receiving an award from a business or marketing publication that may not know much about design. Pool Magazine has featured over a thousand Indian designers, and has already published more than 100 issues of the magazine. This is an undeniable stamp of authority in design. 

Uniqueness: An award is what makes you different from your competition. Face the facts, clients and businesses have no way to evaluate one design company from another. Awards create this distinction for you. 

Client trust: Clients always trust award winning designers more, and if that award comes from an industry leader, the trust is beyond doubt. 

Reason to promote: Winning an award becomes a reason to get in touch with your past clients and contacts. It also becomes a reason for you to promote your services and yourself. 

India’s Best Design Awards are yearly design awards given away by Pool Magazine. The awards are now open to global entries. A very reputed global jury takes a call on each entry. Awards are given away at a day long event ceremony called ‘The Pool Show’. The event by itself is a get together of the best design professionals. 

The entries for India’s Best Design Awards 2019 are open at www.bestdesignawards.in 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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