Indi Design team at IBDSA 2016

Indi Design team at IBDSA 2016

I believe creativity is not rocket science. It is a structured, systematic way to solve problems. If you are successful at anything, anywhere, you are successful because you are a good problem solver. And, if you are a good problem solver, you are ‘creative’.

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to pick up colors and paint; that is being creative in drawing or painting. You can be creative in your own discipline. I repeat, if you can solve problems, you can be creative.

The process starts with imagining solutions. Being creative begins with you realizing that there is another way, a hidden pattern, and connection to what seems unrelated initially. This thinking is not
as easy as it seems. It requires practice. However, if you just ‘think’ of a solution and not do anything with it you are being only ‘imaginative’. Being creative involves being imaginative and then doing something with those ideas.

If your creativity results in a significantly ‘improved’ product, service or process that creates value for business, government or society, you are being ‘innovative’. You cannot be innovative without being creative. You cannot be creative without being imaginative. Imagination is always helped by knowledge, discipline, experimentation, exploration, questioning… Learning to be innovative is like learning a sport, you need consistent exercise and a supportive environment. That’s how it becomes a culture. Try this consciously. The results will surprise you!

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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