We are always thinking of ideas for everything. I recently read that we do not take action on almost 70% of the ideas that we detail out. Of the 30% that we do take action on, 70% are bad ideas and fail because of inadequate execution plans; 30% survive to reach some level of execution. So only 30% of 30% get executed…and that is all we see around us. As consumers, society, and community we reject many of these as trash. Execution has become so important that it gets rated higher than idea capabilities. That explains the rise of the ‘MBA’ concept. I feel it is quite justified. A good idea is worthless if it is not executed. The corporate world, so that it can show growth, is happy with whatever changes
execution (of even bad ideas) can bring, and relies on people who can do things. They may not necessarily have good ideas. This is why we have bad packaging on market shelves, we see uninspired identities, and we tolerate products that are sub standard. Companies believe execution will show up better on balance sheets than a quality idea that will have demanded investment and time for execution.
As designers we should see to it that good ideas don’t become a part of the 70% that fail; we need to show that good ideas with good execution is possible. Don’t leave ideas at the idea stage, work on them a bit further. The battle is half won if you just ‘start’.
Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief
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