There are two kinds of designers: happy designers and unhappy designers. Happy designers make the world a better place; they inspire others and get our industry the good name that it has. Here’s wishing you become a happy designer this year! Some tips to help you:
1. Work
Fresh, challenging, different work makes us happy. If you are stuck in routine work, change the order, or process. Experiment with a new tool, a new vendor, a new software. Make the process of your work interesting.
2. Environment/Space
Invest in a dream chair, change your table, experiment with views. Get a personal table lamp, change the surface color of your table, re-organize the space around you. Do it often and do it for yourself. Put up your ‘Happy’ mood board, icons, favorite logos and pictures around you.
3. Rewards
Appreciation of our work, and money make us happy and fulfilled. Set benchmarks for both. Seek out appreciation. On the other side, also learn to appreciate your colleagues’ work; have sessions of appreciation with each other. Don’t take emotional positions on work, make a note of things you have learned when someone criticizes your work.
4. Team
Become the Santa (Claus or Singh) of your team. Create a culture of happiness, efficiency, help and care with team mates. Become a support to them and let them help you with your work. A happy team is a winning team.
5. Time Off
Plan at least four short vacations for yourself in the year. Go alone to a new place close-by and spend time with yourself. Discover yourself and do what makes you happy for two days. Holidays with family and friends are often stressful. Do this for yourself. The least you can do is check into a hotel in the same city.
If you try these, let me know how they work. Tell me your ideas of happiness, and how you have become a
happy designer.
Have a great 2015!

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