As you know “Design” is the new “MBA” for Education Industry. Almost all major private universities, colleges, educational trusts have started a Design School or actively looking into starting one. If you do the Mathematics, it is perhaps a lucrative business for which, as of now there is a free run, no curriculum control, no norms for facilities and infrastructure and no requirements. And god only knows who and when will these be in place. In this race of starting a new stream of, low entry criteria, lot of fun, creativity… the trusts and places that can put up fancy buildings to show seem to be attracting a lot of students. A few of these boast of having any credible teaching staff. They depend a lot on visiting faculty of some name.

In this Mayhem, my friend Vasu (from NID) has done the inevitable…started a D School. Perhaps first (I am not sure) by a designer who has constantly shown his disgust at what’s happening in Education sector for Design. Vasu is clearly starry eyed about the prospects of finally giving what India needs. I said first, because not many designers have put much skin into the game yet. Though a lot of them are managing, teaching and are the names that are projected in the front..the owners are basically investors. Now that is either government, or a businessman.

I welcome the Designer in the game..:) and will be watching with a lot of interest. Lack of resources. goes with being a designer, but many times it is the narrow vision that kills such enterprises.

I welcome my friend and his new baby, Institute for Design Innovation.

idi | Institute for design innovation

Also it is interesting that this comes up in Hydearbad. I have decided to put my name in and help him out as much as possible, but this is a game that only few of us understand.