I have bought a Mercedes A class 180 A in April 2014 from BU Bhandari Pune dealer of Mercedes Benz India. Last week on sunday 22nd June, while returning from Shirdi to Pune, on Nashik Pune highway, at a speed of 70 km/h the tyre of the car burst. Car has so far done only 3800 kms.

I steered the car on the side (this highway is always packed), and replaced the tyre with the spare one.
On return to Pune, I sent the car to the dealer workshop and was very sure that the tyre would be replaced and i will get my car back promptly. Instead i was told that i have to pay for the Tyre, and it is a wear and tear of a part and not covered by any warranty. The tyre company has refused to replace the tyre.

I have now asked the company to replace all tyres as i think car is not safe to drive with such tyres that wear down in 3800 kms. I received the response that they will bear 50% cost of one tyre as a goodwill gesture and rest i should pay, i am also now told that the experts have reported that there has been a external impact on the tyres.

I am shattered by the lack of empathy and behaviour of a brand like Mercedes. I always dreamt that buying a Mercedes would be a dream come true. I did mention to them that i have been a jury on CNBC-overdrive awards on many occasions, have been a jury on Zigwheel awards..judging the quality of passenger vehicles.
I have also been covered on Young Turks of CNBC twice. I am so disappointed with the brand that i should perhaps sell this new car and settle for something else.

A tyre burst on highway can cost lives, on a new car, on such a good highway i am surprised by the event. But the company behaviour that claims its USP as safety..is astonishing.

The car is in the workshop for the last week and half, and i have only received two mails from the dealer, no call from the company. Considering how promptly your executives came to my office to sell the car and made not less than 10 calls a day…this does reflect the attitude towards service.

Like i mentioned earlier, now please help me sell this car..so i can buy a car that works and doesn’t hold up my work.