Indi team celebrating the release of ‘100 Issues of Design in India‘

Welcome to the next century – of POOL! 

For us, working on the 101st issue is like starting again, so let’s start with the definition of a good designer. 

Recently, a friend who runs one of Europe’s premier design awards asked me to suggest some Jury members from India. His requirements were very interesting and I thought these could be the traits of good designers in the future… 

1. Good English language skills. Have to be able to make an argument. No silent, shy observers please. 

2. Females preferred. 

3. Either working in a company or having their own studios with a considerable output – NO jurors who are ‘only’ academics. 

4. High-level VIPs who are known (in the industry), with a good name and unquestionable qualification in their field. People have to trust them to make an objective decision. 

5. A realistic, commercial, ‘designer as a service-provider’ view on design. No over-critical, ‘artistic’ designers. 

6. No ‘design politicians’ – who are traveling from lecture to lecture and event to event without putting out any work. 

7. International experience would be good, but not absolutely necessary (but English language skills are a must). 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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