Sudhir with Sanmitra and Kunal (Indi Design team) at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

I have been thinking a lot about this recently. There are so many different kinds of design assignments. The nature of a product or communication design project depends on the purpose of that project, and that is very intricately related to the business operations. It is very important to understand these differences and match them to your own nature.

Not all designers feel comfortable doing all kinds of design projects. However, for lack of projects and opportunities, almost everyone uses a variety of tags: Strategic Designer, Creative Designer, Finishing Designer, Design Presenters, Marketing Designers, Design Thinkers, Design Evangelists, Lone Designers, Team Designers. There are designers who work very well with clients, designers who work very well with other designers, designers who can think well but not execute, designers who execute very well but do not have good ideas. And then there are designers who can start projects but never finish them, and designers who finish very well but don’t know where to start…

So much more needs to be understood about this. It is important for designers to understand their own nature and work within that sphere for best results.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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