Sudhir with other jury members at the IXDA Awards 2015 at New York in November 2015

Sudhir with other jury members at the IXDA Awards 2015 at New York in November 2015


‘Design Thinking’ caught every businessman’s interest. It taught industry to look into the life of the consumer; it brought them out to the customer and made them ask questions; it inspired businesses. ‘Design Thinking’ is all about inspiring solutions and breaking through cliche thinking. It is like a burst of fresh air in stale corridors.

We designers know that as the first step in the design process, fresh design thinking can give you insights and crack even the toughest problems. It helps bring businesses all over world products and services that lead them to profit.

But we know the next step too, and that’s the step that takes some learning. It’s called ‘Design Doing’.

‘Design Thinking’ followed up by action by the management is getting results; this action is mostly not by designers, hence many managements still struggle with good insights. Action needs expert handling. This is where designers excel. Designers know how to bring ‘Design Thinking’ to life. Their training (which averages four years now) focuses on making ideas visible, and hence more actionable.

Each ‘Design Thinking’ session must include designers who would then lead the ‘Design Doing’. ‘Design Thinking’ workshops
attended by company managements that have no designers are futile, as they are bound to result in no action, or action that is not well guided enough. For professional designers inspiration is already a part of doing.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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