Now that Indi has turned 5 years old, and POOL has moved on to the other side of 50 issues, here is some gyan that I feel confident to share with you:
1. Confidence
It is not age, experience or even how good you are, it is confidence in what you are doing that matters. There are a whole lot of things you may need to do before you get confident: research, talk, find out. The more you look at the back end, the more confident you will be. Before others trust you, you need to trust yourself. Sweat it out.
2. The Support Group

You cannot do everything yourself. Build a team that trusts you and that you can trust and leave things to. Trust them even if they have different opinions. Accept their integrity and commitment towards you.
3. Promote Shamelessly
Let the word out, use all tools available…leave no stone unturned. Let everyone know about your work and what you are excited about. People are busy and they may not register / remember about you and your company. Even thought it’s been 5 years since I left my former company, people still tell me that they called my earlier office to talk to me! And to think I have such a high decibel presence in all forms of communication! Print visiting cards, send greeting cards, give gifts… whatever it takes to remind someone that you have a new venture.
4. Feedback
Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with a diverse group of people. Use social networks, group talks, work the phone. Speak to people of different generations, different professions, different geographies. Every time you try to convince someone you get more confident. Speak to younger people, from your college or school or your neighborhood. I find in India you get the most fearless and confident feedback from the 16-22 age group. They read, they know, and they have opinions.
5. Fire
I am using the word ‘fire’ and not passion since you will need to ignite others as well. This has to be the priority over your other affairs, it has to consume you.

Published in POOL 53.