I would classify myself as a pretty heavy user of Facebook. I have my own account that has reached the limit of friends i can have..then i have followers…whom i could not befriend..i run a few pages..company page, POOL Page, and a few Groups..(Designindia)..i also help a few friends from around the world to administer their pages and groups….

Now the funny thing is I use Facebook during office time, and so do all my employees. It was a big discussion sometime back if we were wasting time on Facebook. yes we were. and i land up having many chit chats, talks, mentoring, complaints, rants and almost anything on Facebook with almost anyone who is there.

But i realised the good side of Facebook and started using is quite sometime back..and that is that it is a instant , private & broadcast tool. Now that is a huge benefit for any business. This helps me talk, keep in touch with my own team (spread over few rooms), Vendors (spread over the city), my professors (mentors) spread over the country, Colleagues (spread over many countries) and some clients/ managers..best is that they dont have to be in one place connected over computers..they are on mobile. Facebook is always on and in the pocket.

And you have this while you are connected to home, children, cousins, families, events etc etc..all in one place at one time. (thats very Indian).

I can not help but get into discussions, fights, gossip and sometimes in silly things that do take my attention away from what i should be doing.

And this is where i feel the opportunity lies for Next phase of Facebook or some one else. Getting off facebook today forces me to use e mail, phone calls, text messages..that are much more scattered and time consuming as they all have different directories, address books etc..and too much effort. Getting off FACEBOOK forces me to waste time and i feel frustrated..

So is there a way that i can be on facebook, yet avoid chit chat and looking thru useless food pictures.. ofcourse..that needs Yoga..pranayam…self control..:) till someone builds something new on top of what exists.