Award presentation Tips.

One of my first Jury duties were Cannes Advertising Festival 2008, they launched the Design Category first time that year, Rodney Fitch was the Jury Chairman. Jury came from many countries and many backgrounds. Most of us were from hardcore design agency background..( you know the ones who looked down upon Advertising festivals in those days ). Derek Lockwood was also on the same jury. Last year i was invited for Spikes Asia Jury in Singapore which was lead by Derek.

I have been on innumerable juries in last ten years, i believe these two were the best in terms of organisation, technology and fairness. They also really do pamper their juries. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider before you participate in any competition/ creative awards..

1. Presentation of the board matters .
2. Presentation video matters even more.
3. Be direct about the work. the explanations should be crisp and well written.
4. If you are giving multiple boards for one entry, write different things on each board.
5. If you are putting the same board in multiple categories, please slant your explanations for that category.
6. Write more on what/ how you did, less about your firm, your background and your client.
7. Use ENGLISH (that can be understood anywhere in the world.
8. Make writing Culture Neutral.
9. Do not do decorative design composition of the board layout.
10. First thing you should see is your work, now its past avatar, or something non related.

now for the board itself

1. It should be stiff and well packed (use corner protectors)
2. See that colour prints are not running colour / laminate if needed.
..Infact must laminate.
3. Font size should be readable by a juror in his 50s..:)
4. Keep it clean.
5. mark the number of boards in one entry clearly.

If you need help in preparing your pitch to get in touch with me. Remember Jury doesnt know your work at matters how you present it.

Most of the Indian work is very very very shoddily presented. (work itself might be brilliant)…even the one that wins.
Imagine if it was presented well.