Recently (in India) we have been having a good fortune with movies. The Movie
industry has improved a lot technically, aesthetically and financially. While on
one hand we have multiplexes giving out digital projections, and flawless sound
experiences, theatres in small towns are going thru a revolution too with basic
100 seaters coming up.

Movie production, distribution and internet is making it possible to create
small budget, concern based inspired films for smaller audience. Economics of
films one hand has become too big and on the other become accessible to right

I want to draw your attention to two experiences i have had recently.

1. …this a movie i guess designers would love
to discuss and watch. I liked the way you can rent, or buy the film on the site.
I bought this and saw it with my team in Pune. The movie inspired a few thoughts
that i want to put accross..later in this post.

2. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag:

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a 2013 Indian biographical sports film based on the life
of “The Flying Sikh” Milkha Singh, an Indian athlete who was a national champion
runner and an Olympian.

I saw this movie yesterday night with family. My father (an ex army man) knew
about this story a bit, I knew about the man a bit, younger egeneration had no
clue about the man or his story. And when they saw that this is a real
story..they were inspired, proud and quickly over to social media to tell others
of their generation. I guess millions in India had no clue to this man’s
struggles and his story. The movie made it possible to connect.

Ofcourse we all know movies do that.

So i am now thinking of an Idea. How about having a full feature length movie on
design and its inspiring stories, that can be released in mainstream movie
distribution (and also on internet), that shows the transformational impact that
design can have on the lives of people. How about producing this in keeping with
the spirit of entertainment and inspiration. How about this being a well
researched, very well scripted story that inspires millions of entrepreneurs and
small businessmen to look at design in a way that has not been there before.

I know this is perhaps a project that should be done by government, but we have
seen efforts like this by various governments for many other reasons. I believe
it has to be a project that we designers need to do.

I am all for it. Do think about it, discuss and if you have any idea or
inspiration on how this may be done..or why this shuldnt be..please share…my
email is