On 30th September 2012, at TEDxSCET, i saw a part of this Video/Song, i found it very inspiring. I have always believed in taking the first steps before you start expecting people to join in and help you do something. Today is Gandhi jayanti and two quotes from Gandhi that absolutely believe in..

1. Find a Purpose and means will follow..

2. Become the change you want to see in the world..

It is not that i started believing and doing this after i read him, i have always believed in this and when i read these (first time as a part of my book design student project in NID, 25 years back)..i was stunned…how simply and beautifully he had expressed ‘My’ feelings.

Thats the thing about inspiration..you always have it inside you and you get that flip..or opening by something …but it always has been there.

Enjoy the video..it give me goosebumps when i listen to it..every time.