I am writing this note from Bellagio, Italy where I am attending a workshop on Design Anthropology, Indigenous Knowledge, and Culture-Based Innovation, with sixteen design anthropologists, Indigenous knowledge experts, and
industry innovation consultants participating with representation from
Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe,
China, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, India, Canada and the United States.

What struck me at this meeting as different from other such conferences and workshops is that very learned phd and masters, intellectually decorated people spoke to speak from the heart. I have seen too many meetings and discussions which become a show down of terms and knowledge rather than what people feel with all those accomplishments. We designers are emotional lot. We need to think from heart and stop parading our knowledge as a badge. That knowledge needs to transform us and anything we do into a better piece. So many people around the world are realising the power of design and want to use it for social good.

In this issue we have an article from Anna Muoio of Continuum of a project that they worked on in India. Incidentally Anna  coordinated the last workshop that I attended in Bellagio in 2008. So that’s another great side effect of these meetings, you network and make friends which continue the dialogue.
In a way that’s what we want to do with POOL.

Do get in touch with ideas, do let us know what excites you…whatever warms your heart as a designer, or artist or innovator.