Ravi Kabara writes:

Ravi Kabara

Vice President – Business & Program Development

Elephant Design

I have known Sudhir for over 14 years, working with him as a client and recently as a colleague at Elephant Design.

Sudhir has been instrumental in shaping the vision, direction and activities of Elephant, positioning it today as a leading interdisciplinary design company in India. He has always worked closely with his partners and senior team towards Elephant’s growth. His leadership, vision and sincerity of purpose inspired me to make a career shift.

Sudhir is a man of ideas, vision, has exceptional visual design expertise, strategic clarity and a drive to provide solutions that have positive impact on businesses. His ability to conceptualize and execute apt solutions for complex, large scale projects is commendable.  Sudhir is a very good example of the best of “Creative and Client Servicing” – a skill one needs to learn.

He is fun to work with, humble, forthright in his thoughts, likes to learn new things and experiment, listens to different points of view, but occasionally adamant about his view point.

Personally, he has made my shift from the corporate world to a Design agency interesting and worthwhile; its meaningful and motivating to work under his leadership.

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