Rahul Bajaj writes:

Rahul Bajaj

MP (Rajya Sabha)

Chairman Bajaj Group

Rahul Bajaj

Dear Sudhir,

Thank you for yours of July 6 from which I am happy to learn that you have been invited to join the Global Council for Design at the World Economic Forum.  My heartiest congratulations.

You are aware how appreciative I was for your contribution in bringing out the book, “Dear Rahul” on the occasion of my 70th birthday on June 10, 2008.

While, naturally, a couple of people from my family worked with you for bringing out the magnificent book, I am aware of your great value addition in the designing of the book and for many other things which had to be decided and done for bringing out such a volume.

I am aware that you have a flair for design and you have many creative and innovative ideas.  All these were clearly evident in the quality and presentation of “Dear Rahul”.

What to me was equally if not more important was the manner in which you took up and completed this work in a very short period of time as if it was your personal work.

I value your affection and regard for me.

I send you my best wishes for your success in whatever you do in the years to come.


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