With Adil Jal Darukhanawala in Pune

It is difficult to see change or believe that this change is likely to stay forever. It all happened suddenly, almost like an accident, and many of us still have to accept the change. We are still hoping that things will soon be back to what we have known them to be. We are putting our hopes in too many things: a vaccine, the human spirit, free markets, talent, and the human quest to do better despite the struggle. 

For all we know, we may get back to normal with time. Or to the ‘new normal’ as everyone is terming the unknown. But for now, the pandemic has caused too much sorrow and sadness all around. We are immersed in news about the doomed economy, lost jobs, overwhelmed systems, and so much more. 

Designers and creative folk were trying to come to terms with an overwhelming world even before the pandemic. These sensitive minds create objects and things that sometimes result in a delayed realization amongst society and industry. Many designers were already opposed to the instant benefit culture that has come about in our industry. The creative mind was already stressed by the culture that was aligning us to the purpose of free markets. 

The pandemic has now presented a new narrative to designers and challenges our role, processes, and existence. While on the one hand, the expectations have become more ruthless, perhaps more naked, on the other, what you can do and the environment in which you perform is challenged. It is time for us to think…for now as well as for the long term. What has changed, and directly as a response, what must change? 

We believe that is the fightback we need to be ready for. 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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