Have learned the value of quality online time with family, friends, and colleagues during C19

I am writing generally and positively about what we can do to help ourselves at such times. I acknowledge however that people may be going through major problems, trauma, grief, loss, uncertainty distress, and may be in volatile situations, work- or family-wise. Please take help from whoever may be available, talk to family and friends, and don’t suffer in silence.

Time will demand more from you. Routine, time management, and some structure around you and the things you need are great thoughts but not easy to sustain during these times. Lives have changed; don’t expect anything to run as it did before C19. We have to deconstruct life and rebuild it, and each of us has to do this in our own way.

We will remain in survival mode for some time to come. The social fabric around us, our tribal instinct, belonging to groups, people contact, chatter with colleagues and acquaintances, and daily banter made us happy and thrive. Much of it has been replaced by a virtual connection. Our societal carpet has been pulled out from beneath our feet….a few things are bound to break. We are not free anymore, we can’t come and go as we want…against our better judgment, we have to follow what we are told. We have lost our bearings.

So how do you cope in these times?

By embracing the new normal. By not resisting the new normal for the time being. C19 will not last forever. It may take time for us to adapt, learn, treat, and stop it, but realize that everyone believes we will get over it. Nobody doubts that. The vaccine will come, and antivirals will be available. Moreover, our bodies will adapt to throw the virus out. C19 will play itself out.

‘Nothing lasts forever.’ ‘This too shall pass.’ We need to understand the impermanent nature of things and life.

Keep yourself busy. Make plans and follow them.

Follow instructions. For now, just follow.

Video chat with people you like.

Be careful about consuming news.

Engage in self care.

Keep doing small activities to help others.

Absorb what’s happening around, but restrict your reaction.

It will not be easy, but we will get through this.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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