During the launch of the new International Design Organization at WIDC in Yantai, China

While China is preparing to launch a new international design organization, India Design Council (IDC) is ready to launch the ‘Chartered Society of Designers’ (CSDI). It was a stated mandate for the IDC to form a CSDI when it started as a follow up to the National Design Policy announced by the Government of India on 8th January 2007. The current Council is presided over by Dr. Naushad Forbes, Co-Chairman, Forbes Marshall Group. Praveen Nahar, Director of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, is the member secretary. The Council has 32 eminent members from the field of design, academia, media, industry organizations, and government departments. 

Apart from the primary purpose of ‘Creating, Enhancing, and Sustaining the Practice of Design in India’, there are other reasons why a body like this becomes essential. The design ecosystem in India is growing with ever increasing speed. Anyone can call themselves a ‘designer’, resulting in considerable confusion in Industry, the Government, and among the general public. There doesn’t seem to be any distinction between professional and non-professional designers. There are no standards of ethics or delivery to protect the professional practice of design. 

CSDI will give the professional designer a much-needed identity, something that will stand for quality and trustworthiness, and over the years come to be recognized by society, Industry, and the Government. The Society will bring tangible benefits for professionals and increase their employability. It will bring in the much-needed pride at being a professional designer and create a clear distinction from other creative professionals. 

I hope we all enroll quickly and make ‘Indian Design’ a reality in our times. For more information on CSDI and how to join it, watch out for my upcoming blog. 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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