With his twin, CA Sudhish Sharma, at ‘The POOL Show’ 2018, Pune

India’s design scene is not only surviving but thriving, and this special issue shows it all. There are many more designers in the field, many more startups, and many venturing into newer more niche areas of design. 

The recently held ‘India’s Best Design Awards’ and ‘The Pool Show’ show very clear trends in the design industry: 

1. Design professionals are doing better and earning better than last year. 

2. The quality of projects is on the upswing, way better than earlier years. 

3. Designers/design companies are collaborating more and working with their own competition. 

4. There is a need for a professional forum focused on design. 

5. Design domains are fuzzy among the mature designers, but sharply marked for younger practices. 

6. Almost all design companies are engaging in technology projects now. 

This yearly event does wonders for my team at Indi Design as well. Everyone pitches in with extra responsibilities, and the Indi family really comes together at this time. It becomes more of a celebration than work for us. We make new contacts and are exposed to interesting new work, which becomes the content for future issues of Pool. 

The growing number of award entries and a strong desire to be one of the winners is boosting the reputation of India’s Best Design Awards. 

Our sponsors (most of them are Indi Design clients) are equally excited about this event and I am happy that they can join us once a year to celebrate Indian design. 

Looking forward to being with friends, teachers, fellow designers, family and clients this time next year! 

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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