With the global leaders at the 2nd World Industrial Design Conference held at Liangzhu in China, Pool Magazine was awarded the Top Design Service platform Award by TIA.

“We extend our sincere congratulations to you that Pool Magazine is nominated as the ‘Top Design Service Platform’ in the TIA 2017. Thank you for your efforts to promote the development and innovation of the global design industry.”

This was very thoughtful – an award for providing a service to the Design Industry! In fact, I was very impressed by the thoughtfulness behind all the TIA award categories this year. The TIA Awards Ceremony was held on the morning of April 21 during the 2nd World Industrial Design Conference at Liangzhu, Hangzhou (China). Almost a thousand industrial designers from China and about 100 from 50 other countries attended the Conference. Over 5,000 entries from 30 countries were submitted for the TIA (Top Innovation Award); the WIDC organizing committee conducted a four stage evaluation including reviews, expert reviews, reassessment and final expert reviews.

TIA focuses on design works that have made outstanding contributions to innovation and sustainable development in various fields of the world economy and society. It aims to seek and encourage innovative models and achievement in order to improve human life and stimulate industrial vitality on a global scale. Hence, TIA grants awards to institutions, individuals or works that have outstanding contributions to and influence in industrial, academic, research, financial and business sectors.

Such thoughtfulness in rewarding efforts does make you more committed and gives you more energy to move ahead.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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