Sudhir with Frank Zierenberg of iF Design Awards, Germany at INDI Pune office

It’s true that happy people make the world go round. Watch closely and you will find that everything that works was created by, maintained by, and run by people who are happy. People who love doing what they do, are at peace with themselves, and value what they do.

It is also true that unhappy people stop the world from moving. You see many examples of this all around…people who take shortcuts to reach faster, and get done with something quicker. Design by nature is not a profession that you can attend to while being unhappy. That’s when you will feel stuck, not moving in life, and in your profession.

If you ever feel unhappy at work, there are a few things that you must do before you ruin your work and someone’s world.

1. Check if you are unhappy with work or something else…
Maybe it’s health, or money, or your love life. Don’t blame everything on work. Try and keep things separate, which might be difficult. It is better to take some time off and step back, stop work for some time, take a break. Or take the next step.

2. If it is work, talk to someone who knows better…
If it is your work that’s making you unhappy, you need to do something else for a while. Change projects, company, and colleagues. Better still, speak to someone you see as a mentor. Nowadays you can chat with someone, download all your apprehensions, and be open to suggestions.

We are in one of the few professions where people like what they do, so it better make us happy! We are the people who make the world go round. The work of happy designers always shows.

Sudhir Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

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