Ukraine embassy rejected my request for Visa twice on face and two times with the travel agent, before i finally got it. Rejection was more technical than anything, some paper missing, original copy not in hand etc..and i heard rumors like Ukrainians dont want Indians to come to their country..(Visa is very strict for Indians, pakistan and Bangladesh)…some friends also figured the reason..Ukraine has more females then males…they are white and beautiful and like brown skin…but government doesn’t want the colour to the restrictions.

truth is something else…Ukaraine loves India…so much so that many people follow Indian spiritual gurus, they love Indian textiles, Indian food and are not colour conscious. The visa is restricted for another reason- after USSR broke up- ukraine became a porus route for Indians to enter Europe, the EU took strong objection and hence the extremely burly attitude for Indians seeking Visa. Ukrainians have tough time getting Visa for EU.

Ukraine is right there almost a part of Europe, but poorer, so for me it is a curious mix of europian work ethics at Indian prices..:).

I spent ten days in Kiev ( a day in Harkiv) and amazed by the warmth of this cold place.