Black Kite

I spent two days at Baramati Biodiverse Region shooting birds for a book, which i would be publishing later on.

This was my first experience of spending so much time and seriously. I was with Dr. Gaikwad of Agricultural Trust…who is an authority on life in the region. I loved the experience, will have more pictures soon. This is one place equipment need a big lens, and you need a good pair of binoculars. But you definitely need someone to tell you what is what. Unless you know details and  something about habits and habitat, the experience can be pretty boring.

Dr. Gaiwad told me so many things..World has about 18000 species of birds, India has some 1200 of these, Baramati has about 260…and best thing i heard..There is no Indian Migrant Bird..Indian species do only local migration..where as we get so many visitors from far off places..amazing..and i wonder why… also as habitat changes with agro patterns the migration trends change too..and very visible year to year..

Habitat impacts breeding patterns, eating habits and..Colours..

Will write more..